A wild chase in the park.

“but where did it go!?’ she shouted, I didn’t know, we were running through the  woods because we heard a shuffling noise in the bush. “To bad we cant just have a normal walk for once” I wined, “well its to late for that come on!” She ran into the bush, I was right after here, we dashed and sprinted through the bush to lose the noise. “Oh come on” she said. Then she turned around and said, “I see it, I see it !”, she dashed away, I followed and soon found out “it was just the neighbours dog”.


When it just wouldnt take off…..

Pop! The plastic rocket exploded, “why is it not working” Jordan though out loud. “You must be pushing to much air into it, lets retry” said Gabriel. When they pushed it again the same out come happened, pop! “I didn’t even push down that hard” Jordan said out loud in a sad voice. “Its okay, one more try and then I’m going home, I’m tired of this” said Gabriel in a annoyed voice. When It just wouldn’t take off, it took off, Pew! It flew through the sky flying above many heads, “wow! It worked” said Jordan in a excited voice. “Finally” muttered Gabriel.

But it was heavier than i expected.

There I was, standing in-front of the place I hate the most, the shops, “oh please mum, don’t make me go in there” I pleaded. “Its not that bad” said my mother. When we entered the shopping centre my heart was lifted, “mum! Theres a donut store over there, can I please get a donut” I begged her. “No” she said . When we entered the first shop I was surprised. “This is a weight shop” ? I asked, “for your father, he wants more weights” I went to pick up one  but it was heavier than I expected.