The Vegemite Traitor

’ No’, he said, ‘I like Marmite’, I couldn’t believe him, he had just said he prefers Marmite over Vegemite, I had let him sleepover and he did the worst thing in the world.I grabbed him and chucked him out the window, but he was lucky, he landed on the trampoline, “whats your problem? I just prefer Marmite” he said. “You traitor!” I screamed at him, I jumped out the window, trying to grab him, but he was to quick. He dodged my attack, that’s when his mother drove up the driveway to pick him up, he jumped in the car, waved goodbye and off he went.

The Dumbest Criminal

It was night time and the police weren’t to far behind, I knew if I didn’t get away it would be prison for me. That’s when I saw it…. A statue of a man in the middle of no where, I hid behind the statue  and hoped the police wouldn’t find me, but… I didn’t know I still had my flashlight on me. I looked down and saw the beaming light coming from it, I knew it was over, I was thinking of a escape when I felt a metal chain of my wrist, “its over joe, you tried but you’re the dumbest criminal I know”. Said the police.

The Alien Kidnapping

I woke up dazed, not knowing where I was,  there were people surrounding me, each a different colour, I asked, “who are you, and where am I”, no reply, I asked again, “who are you”, they looked at each other, then the orange one spoke first, “we have brought you here to do multiple test, to see how good the human race is”. He said with no expression in his voice. Then the blue one, “we are going to release you when we’re finished” he said.

I tried to talk, but I couldn’t, I was getting sleepier and sleepier and….

The tree injury

“Mum, my brown balloon!” I screamed. “Its to late buddy, its gone.” My mother said. I was so mad, I  had won that balloon at the fair, I was so mad I ran up to a tree and kicked it. I had never kicked a tree so hard “ow mum it hurts”! I screamed, it was the most frightening time of my life, “son I need to call a ambulance” the ambulance came, I was takin to the hospital in a bed in the ambulance. I was later ex rayed and found out I had only sprained my lower foot.