Part 3 Of The Deserted Island

It had now been two weeks since Jake had seen the person in the field, lately he had decided to explore the island further, he had found a old hut with limited supplies within it and lots of food supplies, but had lately found out that the food was rotten. Jake fell incredibly sick over the next few days. He soon left in the search of medication. But he failed, that same day he found a old structure upon the the shore, he recognised it as a light house, Jake started moving into the building, but the stairs weren’t going up, they were going down.

Part Two Of The Deserted Island

The sun was setting and Jake had found no sign of shelter, he had decided to take his chances and make camp in the middle of a dried out field. So far he had not been able to find any of the other passengers of the plane. Jake didn’t want to think about what would happen to him if he wasn’t found. That’s when he heard a shuffling in the bushes, he jerked backwards in fright, then all of a sudden a flash of light, then, darkness. Then he saw the light again, but this time it was blinding, he couldn’t look away, and then the darkness started covering him…

Part One Of the Deserted Island



“The planes going down everyone prepare for a crash”. Jake woke up feeling terrible, he was alone on a island with no food nor shelter. But he had a sudden brain spark and started searching for food, shortly he found a field with wrinkled mushrooms growing on the ground, he started plucking the mushrooms and was about to eat them but remembered his number one rule, never eat wild mushrooms, they could be full of poison, with his new found memory, he set off, soon to find a broken oar on the ground, he forced himself to a wistful smile and said “this could come in handy” while walking away.



The Sinking Ship

“Come on, we gotta go! Bang! Another missile hit the sinking ship, “what are we gonna do! Theres to many of those fighter jets!” He said in a worried voice. “First you need to go find everyone else, I’ll get to the anti aircraft gun and try and shoot those jets down. It was a simple plan, but he knew if he didn’t make it to that gun they would all go down with the ship. Boom! A missile hit the front area of the ship, he staggered backwards straight into a room, the door slammed shut after him, he heard more screams and then suddenly, darkness enveloped the room.