Part 5 Of The Deserted Island


After leaving the light house Jake went back to the old hut to stay there, Jake planned to start making a wooden boat to get off the island, but he didn’t know how. The next day Jake woke up feeling dazed, he had not eaten in days, and was tired of drinking salt water, he opened the door and set off, Jake walked for days but found nothing, Jake was nearly crawling now in pain, but that’s when he saw someone or something, it ran up to him, ‘Which way to the shops?’ it panted. “Wait what shops” I wondered, “oh” the creature said, then he collapsed on the grass.

2 thoughts on “Part 5 Of The Deserted Island”

  1. What an interesting story, Jake. I like the deserted island setting. It contrasts so well with the prompt and you have made it the turning point in your story. And then you have left us in suspense! I like the way you describe Jake as ‘feeling dazed’ and ‘tired of drinking salt water’. These phrases help to paint the picture of life on the deserted island very clearly.

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