On The Run Part 4

Johnston looked around in the facility, everybody was gone, Johnston looked around and saw his body disappearing again, “no no no” he said. Johnston looked around to see he was in some run down city, it didn’t seem futuristic, almost as if he was in the past, there we factories everywhere, with steam coming out of all of them, “where am I” he asked, “INTRUDER, INTRUDER” he heard behind him, “wait what?” Johnston asked, “arrest him!” The man screamed. Johnston woke up in some sought of factory, he was moving at a fast rate, that’s when he realised he was on a conveyor belt.

On The Run Part 3

Jake looked around, he had turned up in some sought of Industry, he was scared and afraid. “EVACUATE” he heard someone screaming, he also saw a red light shining in the distance, “THIS IS URGENT GET OUR OF HERE”. Johnston looked up, it was a worker holding some sought of future device, “what is the year” he asked the man. “Its 3021” he replied. “NOW WE NEED TO GET OUT OF HERE” Johnston was thrown across the room. “GET THE EVACUATION SHIPS OUT, WE NEED TO HEAD TO EARTH” the man screamed. Johnston looked outside the window and saw void.

One The Run Part 2


Johnston suddenly saw his body disappearing, just turning into dust. All of a sudden Johnston was sitting in his childhood home, “what did I tell you about the lights”. Said his mum, Johnston looked around, his mother had died when he was 15, “who are you” Johnston asked, “I’m your mum silly” she said, Johnston’s body started turning to dust again, going through some colourful spiral. His body landed  in some sought of forest, “RUN” he heard in the distance, Johnston was suddenly picked up and dragged away, but his body started disappearing again. “What the” said the man holding Johnston.

On The Run

Overwhelmed with hatred Johnston continued to dash through the green forest trying not to be found, a day ago Johnston had been a normal citizen, but now he was being chased down by everyone in town, Johnston knew why, but he didn’t want to admit it, Johnston continued to get hotter and hotter as he ran and finally collapsed and passed out. When Johnston woke up he was laying beside some sought of combined species of animals, Johnston wondered who did it, He looked around to see a Scientist standing in the corner of the room, “oh, your up” he said.

Where It All Ends

Jake looked into the room, it was very old fashioned, a old cellphone, dusty everywhere. The only thing that looked modern was the desk, Jake walked other to the desk and saw that it had news papers of around 1970, Jake looked through the papers and saw that the original owner of this building died in 1980. Jake looked through the draws and saw that there were a pair of glasses with a fluffy pink outline, Jake put them on and everything went dark, he was in a room, he couldn’t breath, a outline of a person appeared, the person said. “Goodbye”. Continue reading Where It All Ends

Part 12 Of The Deserted Island

Jake flew across the arena and hit the ground. His vision was becoming blurry, but he pushed on, he got up and looked at the beast on the other side of the arena. Jake couldn’t find a way out, and the beast had just found out where he was. Then he heard grinding, Jake looked back and started sprinting, for some reason the gate had opened and was now closing, Jake slipped under the gate into the darkness. There was no light. Then the light turned on, he was in a old building was a old staircase, he ran up the staircase and opened a door…

Part 11 Of The Deserted Island

Jake took off sprinting to the walls of the arena, he ran as fast as he could because some type of creature was behind him, Jake didn’t look behind him though, for all he knew he could be running from a bunny with a sound box. He ran right into the wall and began scaling it. He looked at the wall, it was rumbling and shaking. Jake began to climb down but was blasted off the wall as it collapsed, Jake looked at the creature in front of him, it said this. “Dynamite is explosive, and can blow you apart!”

Part 10 Of The Deserted Island

Jake woke up feeling warn, like he hadn’t before, he looked down at his body, tied with rope, Jake looked around and there was big walls surrounding him, like some sought of arena, that’s when Jake realised, it was a arena. Jake thought it was going to be epic just like the movies, but he was also thought it was terrifying at the same time. Jake started to hear cheering, and a gate slowly dropping. Something big coming towards him, !bang he was slammed to the ground, he jumped up without the ropes tying him down. Jake took off as fast as he could.

Part 9 Of The Deserted Island

Jake Felt the air leave his lungs at a rapid rate. “Help!” Smack. Jake felt absolute pain, but he could see more than yellow now. He could se the outside world, through a gate. Jake thought to himself that this was phenomenal, he ran to the gate, “swoosh”. Jake landed on the ground, “where am I” he questioned, there was no response. Jake realised he was getting very cold. He realised where he was. He was Antartica. Jake looked around at all the snow, no buildings were in site, Jake was going to freeze, with a shiver he passed out.


Part 8 Of The Deserted Island

Yellow, all Jake saw was yellow, he felt around for some type of wall but felt nothing, he tried to touch the ground but there was no hard surface, Jake seemed to be floating, but somehow he felt like he was standing, “hello! Anyone there?” Jake questioned, no reply. Jake started moving, not on his own, but something was forcing him to move. He came to a sudden halt, but he had started moving down. Very slowly, Jake saw that it was pitch black. Jake try to push away. Buts that’s when he had control, but he wasn’t floating, he was falling, Jake screamed as he fell into the dark.