Part 11 Of The Deserted Island

Jake took off sprinting to the walls of the arena, he ran as fast as he could because some type of creature was behind him, Jake didn’t look behind him though, for all he knew he could be running from a bunny with a sound box. He ran right into the wall and began scaling it. He looked at the wall, it was rumbling and shaking. Jake began to climb down but was blasted off the wall as it collapsed, Jake looked at the creature in front of him, it said this. “Dynamite is explosive, and can blow you apart!”

2 thoughts on “Part 11 Of The Deserted Island”

  1. An impressive story Jordan, well done. This piece had many good descriptive details, and the pacing was done very well. The adventure and action kept me engaged.

    I also really like how your story is a continuation from other weeks, whilst also keeping to the prompt. This demonstrates your talent for writing.

    Keep up the good work,
    Anna (Team 100WC, Edinburgh)

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